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Access your bank from wherever you are
Banking simplified: NetBanking
Need to withdraw cash? Pay bills? Check your account history? Banking is easier, when you're doing it with The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. from the comfort of your home / office. Offering greater convenience and maximum utility, The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.'s NetBanking lets you access your account from wherever you are, as long as you are online.
With NetBanking you can:
  • Enquire on your balances/ transactions
  • Transfer funds to RBS N.V. Accounts or other Bank accounts
  • Apply and invest in mutual funds
  • Open fixed deposits
  • Pay your bills
  • Have a cash and draft delivery and pick up ...and much more
We've made NetBanking easy and simple. To access your account via NetBanking:
  • You will need a user id & password.
  • If you have a MasterCard Debit Card, just log on to NetBanking and generate your own user-id & password, instantly*. No more waiting for a PIN by post.
  • If you do not have a MasterCard Debit Card or have a joint mandate or conditional mandate account, you will need to login using the Bank provided user id and password. However, you can change it to your own easy to remember password.
The various features of NetBanking add an immense degree of convenience to your financial life. RBS NetBanking offers a suite of new and enhanced services that we believe will give you a superior online banking experience.

Listed below are a few highlights of NetBanking and various activities that you can do online:

Online Registration: Create your User Id, Login Password & Transaction Password Online
You can now register for Internet Banking online* on RBS N.V. NetBanking. You do not need to fill up any form or sign any document to get enabled for NetBanking.

  • If you are a new user and have not registered for Internet Banking:

  • You can create your own user id & Login Password online by completing an online Form. Hence you can create a user id "Sunshine123", which would be easier for your to remember.

    Note :
    You cannot change your user id online once you have completed the registration process successfully.

    You can also create your Transaction Password online after you have logged into NetBanking

  • If you are already an existing NetBanking user and have forgotten your Login / Transaction passwords:

  • You can create a new Login Password by completing an online Form. You can log in using the bank defined user id that would be displayed once you have successfully completed the online form.

    You can also change your User Id after your have logged in. For eg : You can create a user id "Sunshine123", which might be easier for you to remember. You can change your User Id online only once.

    *Valid for clients with a valid RBS MasterCard Debit card. Not valid for clients with Joint or Conditional Mandate.
Enquiry Transactions
NetBanking allows you to work with all the accounts that you have with the Bank - Deposit, Loan and Demat. With NetBanking you can inquire on:
  • Your Balances
  • Account transaction details
  • Cheque status
  • Details of Tax Deducted at Source, and more
Bill Payments
No more late payments for bills. With NetBanking you can make payments online without any hassles of standing in queues for making bill payments. All you need to do is just:
  • Register your billers
  • You can then chose to Pay your bills as and when you desire or schedule your payments for specific days
  • You can also view and pay presented bills online for certain specified utilities
Funds Transfers
Need to transfer money between accounts without the hassles and paperwork? No problem. With NetBanking you can:
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts or any other account with any The Royal Bank of Scotland in India
  • Third party accounts which are a part of NEFT or RTGS. (RTGS is a real time payment system enabling fund transfers from RBS N.V. NetBanking to other participating banks)
    - You can now Register 3rd Party RBS N.V. accounts online for fund transfers. No need to submit a form in writing to the bank.
Online Investments
Now, you can subscribe to and redeem Mutual Funds online.

If you are an RBS N.V. account holder, all you need to do is:

  • Have an Investment Account with the Bank. Incase you do not have one, kindly walk in to any The Royal Bank of Scotland branch and fill up the Investment Account Form.

  • Ensure that you sign on the Invest Online Mandate in the investment account form.
High Value Transactions
Making High Value Transactions is very secure and done at the click of your mouse, with NetBanking. Our One Time Password (OTP) system assures that the transaction process itself is fully secure and that it cannot be tampered with. Click here to download OTP Registration process pdf

Real time Alerts
The Bank keeps you up-to-date on your account activity, by sending Alerts on transactions made on your bank account. You can get these notifications by subscribing to the same via NetBanking.

Furthermore, you can choose to receive these alerts e-mail address and / or your mobile phone.

The alerts you can customize include:
  • Minimum balance alert on your primary account
  • Large debit / credit to account
  • FD maturity date reminder
  • Loan installments due date reminder
  • New bill notification
  • Bill due date reminder
  • Scheduled payment reminder
  • Standing order success / failure notification
There are a lot of transactions which you can conduct with NetBanking. And when you need stuff in the real world, you can request the same online. You can use the requests option in NetBanking to:
  • Request for a new cheque book
  • Avail of doorstep services for cash delivery or cheque pick ups
  • Switch / Change your mailing address
  • Place stop payment instructions on your cheques
  • Request for a Form 15 H to get exemption from TDS on your interest earnings
  • Apply for a new ATM / Debit PIN or Automated Bank By Phone services PIN
  • Request for an interest certificate
  • Request to create a new Transaction Password
  • Intimate loss of your ATM / Debit Card and request for a new one
  • Register for e-statements
  • Register for the One Time Password Service
  • Redeem Fixed Deposits
The Internet gives you a mailbox. But when it comes to banking, we don't take chances. Which is why, we've made our mailbox simple and user-friendly and built it on a secure network to communicate with the Bank, as and when you want to.

Your NetBanking account is your own. And it can be customised to suit your preferences. You can customise your account by using this option to:
  • Change your Passwords
  • Change your mobile number or e-mail address
  • Select any account as a Primary Account
  • Set your preferred format for date and amount
By using a combination of robust processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure, The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. provides you a very secure Net Banking experience.

We constantly monitor and upgrade our technology to ensure that your accounts are absolutely secure. We also maintain the highest standards as far as security technology is concerned, and thereby make sure that you stay stress free when it comes to NetBanking.

The stringent security measures we've taken:
  • 128-bit SSL encryption - The highest level of security available, SSL encryption allows the Bank to encrypt information, so that it is scrambled and cannot be accessed by anyone else. It also ensures information is sent to the correct place and that it is not tampered with.
  • VeriSign certification - This NetBanking site is certified as a VeriSign Secure Site. VeriSign, Inc. (www.verisign.com) is the leading provider of trusted infrastructure services to websites, enterprises, electronic commerce service providers and individuals.
  • Secure mail - The 128-bit SSL encryption used ensures that the mail facility available on NetBanking gives you a higher level of security for your communication with the Bank, as opposed to general e-mail facilities available on the Internet.
  • Unauthorized access - In case of five unsuccessful attempts to log in to Net Banking, your User ID is disabled to prevent any unauthorized access. Also if on logging in to NetBanking you have not used the application for 10 minutes, the system automatically logs you out, preventing any unauthorized access of your account.
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