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Banking on the go


  1. What is PayMate

    PayMate is a revolutionary SMS & IVR based payment service which allows you to use your mobile phone as your credit or debit card. PayMate can be used to make easy and secure payments online, over the phone, across the counter or from just about anywhere.

  2. Where can I use PayMate

    You can use this service at any of PayMate's accredited merchants. While PayMate's merchant base already includes over 15,000 online portals, leading voice portals and key retail chains, this list of merchants is growing rapidly. You will also be able to buy movie & flight tickets, send flowers & gifts, pay for your bills & subscriptions & even pay at your favourite restaurant or retail store, simply through your mobile.

  3. What do I need to use PayMate

    All you need to have is a mobile phone and a banking account in The Royal Bank of Scotland. To register and get started, just logon to RBS N.V. NetBanking and activate yourself on RBS N.V. Mobile Banking and Paymate service. You will then be able to make payments using PayMate simply by authorizing transactions on your mobile using your mobile banking PIN.

  4. Do I need to open a new account

    Not at all. Your mobile will be linked securely to your existing bank account and that's where all your payments will be debited.

  5. Which mobile phone or operator do I need to have

    Any phone or mobile operator will be fine. PayMate works on even the most basic phone (GSM or CDMA) across all operators. PayMate does not require any special tariff plan, downloads or special connectivity

  6. Does PayMate require any GPRS/ EDGE connectivity

    Not at all. It's an SMS & IVR based service which makes it extremely simple and cost effective

  7. What are the advantages of using PayMate

    With PayMate your mobile is your wallet and you are free to pay from anywhere at anytime. Some key features about the service are:
    • Being an SMS based service makes it extremely easy to use on any phone

    • You have the flexibility to use your mobile as your credit or debit card

    • You can transact securely without divulging your banking or card details to any merchant

    • It can be used to pay for bills and purchases online, over the phone, across the counter or even sitting on your couch, simply via your mobile

    • Payments happen instantly from anywhere within a few seconds


  1. How do I register for PayMate

    If you are already activated on Mobile Banking, kindly logon to RBS N.V. NetBanking and click on 'Paymate Registration' under the Request option. If you are not activated on Mobile Banking as yet, kindly logon to RBS N.V. NetBanking and click on 'Activate Mobile Banking' under 'Customize' option. You will automatically be registered for Paymate as well.

  2. Are my registration details secure

    Absolutely. Since you register for PayMate with your bank and not any third party, there is no scope for your banking or personal details to get leaked.

  3. How will I get my PIN

    You can create your Mobile Banking PIN anytime and any no. of times each time you forget your MPIN. You need not wait for any PIN to arrive by post. To create your own PIN just logon to NetBanking and go to 'Set your Mobile Banking PIN' under the 'Customize' option.

  4. Can I change my PIN

    Sure. You can create your Mobile Banking PIN anytime and any no. of times each time you forget your MPIN.


  1. How secure are my credit/ debit card details

    When using Paymate you never need to reveal your credit or debit card details to any merchant so there is no possibility of it being misused.

  2. How secure is the mobile transaction

    Using PayMate is as secure as payments can get for multiple reasons:

    • You never divulge your card details, expiry date, CVV number etc to anyone

    • Every transaction has to be authorized by your 4-digit PIN which is known only to you

    • The PIN needs to be validated through automated IVR call thereby ensuring that you are the one authorizing the transaction

    • The PIN is never saved in any format

    • Enhanced risk-control through 2-factor authentication over IVR and banking grade security during the transaction process as PayMate is PCI DSS 1.2 certified

  3. What happens if someone knows my mobile number and gets to know my PIN

    It does not matter since the person cannot do a transaction unless he or she has your mobile phone. PIN authorization must happen from your number.

  4. How secure are the systems and processes

    These systems are highly secure and automated. All transactions happen through secure links and servers with no possibility of information leakage and without any human involvement.


  1. How do I do a transaction

    Once you choose to pay via PayMate at any of the accredited merchants, all you have to share is your mobile number. You will instantly receive an automated IVR call (with the merchant name and amount) asking for authorization of payment via PIN. Once you provide correct PIN in the IVR call, within a few seconds your bank will authenticate the details and debit the amount to your account. You will instantly receive a confirmation of the same via SMS and the merchants system will also get updated with the status.

  2. What is the advantage of IVR based authentication?

    - Interactive Voice (IVR) based transaction platform makes it very easy-to-use 
    - Enhanced risk-control through 2-factor authentication over IVR

  3. Where do the PIN details go

    Once you reply to the IVR call to authorize payment, the details hit the secure banking systems where the mobile number and PIN are authenticated before debiting your account. The process is completely automated and happens on highly secure banking connections and servers. At no stage will you be asked to reveal your PIN to any person from the merchant, bank or PayMate.

  4. Where do the charges appear

    Since your mobile number is mapped to your credit or debit card account, all charges are debited accordingly. Which means they would reflect in your monthly statements sent by your bank or credit card company.

  5. Can I link my mobile number to more than one account.

    No. Currently one mobile number can be linked to any one account that you may prefer. However, in  the future we will certainly offer the option to link multiple accounts to your mobile.

  6. What if there is a dispute in the product bought or amount charged

    In case of dispute on the product, you need to get in touch with the merchant and follow their process. In case of dispute in the amount or charge, you will have to speak to the bank and the same guidelines would apply as for your credit or debit card.

  7. What are the maximum transaction limits?

    For banking customers the transaction limit set by the Reserve Bank of India is fixed at Rs.10,000


  1. What if I change my mobile number

    All you have to do is call your bank and inform them of the same so that your account is de-linked from the old mobile number and linked to the new one.

  2. What if I change my bank

    You will need to inform your bank that you wish to deactivate the service.

  3. Will I be spammed with email or messages

    PayMate has strong anti-spamming guidelines to ensure that your mobile number is never shared for any marketing purposes unless opted for by you. However, PayMate may with your permission keep you informed of special offers and promotions on a timely basis.

  4. Who do I call for any transaction queries or questions

    In case of any additional queries or concerns you can always contact PayMate by either calling +91-22-67242626 or writing at contact@paymate.co.in

    The timings for PayMate contact centre are:
    Monday to Friday - 10 am - 7pm
    Saturday - 10 am - 6 pm 
    Sunday and Public Holidays: Off 

    Additionally, you can call in our Bank by Phone number for any further queries and questions.