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Bill Payments

At RBS N.V. we go much beyond banking - we constantly try to make life simpler for you and put you more in control of your finances. We now offer you the convenience of paying your telephone, mobile, electricity, insurance, credit card bills and much more in India electronically over our NetBanking, ATMs and Automated Bank by Phone (BBP) service.

What makes our Intelligent Bill Payment System irresistible?

  • Say good-bye to queues: Check and pay your bills online, 24 hours a day, over our NetBanking, ATMs or Automated BBP services. You even get a cyber receipt for your payments done online or scheduled over NetBanking!
  • Say good-bye to remembering dates: Get New Bill notification and Due Date reminder Alerts on your mobile and email.
  • Say good-bye to managing bills completely: Use NetBanking to set-up Standing Instructions for auto-payment of your bills on presentment. Get Alerts on auto-scheduling and successful payment!
  • Set up NetBanking as your Personal Bill Payment Assistant: You can choose to receive the Alerts you want, on the channel you want. You can even ask to be reminded to fund your account before your scheduled date of payment!

So what are you waiting for? Login now and register your biller details online with our Intelligent Bill Payment System using NetBanking.

You can also download and fill up the Electronic Banking Form and send the same to us. We will add your billers for payment over NetBanking, ATMs and BBP.

Avail of the limited period offer of Bonus Rewards by simply registering for our NetBanking and Bill Payment service!

Bill Payments at a glance


What is Electronic Bill Payment?

Electronic Bill Payment is a service that allows you to view as well as pay your bills over NetBanking, ATMs and Automated Bank by Phone services, 24 hours a day. Instead of using a cheque you can pay the biller directly from these electronic banking channels. You can also schedule your payments for later days and set up auto pay instructions for bills that are presented to you on NetBanking.



Who can I pay?

The Bank has tied up with Electricity, Telephone, Mobile and Insurance companies, for Electronic Bill Payment from our customers. You can pay the bills of the the billers that you have registered for with the Bank from the using NetBanking, or by submitting the Electronic Banking form at the branch.



How do I register for a biller? How long does it take?

You can register for a biller online, by logging into NetBanking and navigating to the "Manage Biller" option under the Bill Payment section. Select your Utility Biller, and add your identification details for payment. You will need your NetBanking transaction password to add the biller to your Personal list of payees.
For Billers who provide bill details to the bank (Presentment Type billers), customers would be able to make payment only on presentment of the bill on NetBanking, ATM or Automated Bank by Phone. The bills would be presented online, in the next billing cycle of your biller, after validation of your Registration details. For other billers (Payment type billers) that you have registered, you can make a payment anytime, after logging into NetBanking, ATM or Automated Bank by Phone service, and going to the Bill Payment & Presentment Option.
You can also register your Billers by downloading the Electronic Banking (pdf) form from the site. Click on the 'Download Electronic Banking form' option on the NetBanking login page, open & print the form and submit the same at our Branch or ATMs after filling in the Biller details and signing the form.



How do I make a payment for my registered billers?

To make a payment for a registered Presentment Biller, go to the Bill Presentment Option under the Bill Payment section in NetBanking, select the oustanding bill, and choose to pay instantaneously or later. For a Payment only Biller, you need to navigate to the Bill Payment option under the Bill Payment section, and select your registered biller for payment.
When you pay your biller online, you will immediately receive a Cyber Receipt for your payment. Your transaction will also reflect in your debit account's statement online, and in the Payment Archive option under the Bill Payment section. When you schedule a bill for later you will receive a Cyber Receipt for the same and your request will be listed in the "Scheduled payments" section". When your payment is made on the scheduled date it will reflect in your funding account's statement and in the Payment Archive section. If you have selected the necessary Alerts you will receive notification on email and mobile on the status of your scheduled payment as well.
Please note that the Schedule Payment and alert option is available only for payments through NetBanking, and not for ATM and Bank by Phone payments.



When is my scheduled payment processed?

Your scheduled payment is processed after 8:30 p.m. on the scheduled date. After this time it will not be possible for you to cancel, or modify the payment scheduled for that day. If you have selected the necessary Alerts, you will receive a reminder of your scheduled bill payment, three days before the scheduled date.



Can I cancel a scheduled payment? What are the charges?

Yes! You can cancel a scheduled payment from the Scheduled Payment option under the Bill Payment section of NetBanking. There are no charges for the same. However please be aware that if you have set up a recurring payment schedule for a Payment Type biller, cancelling the scheduled payment would cancel all subsequent payments for that recurring schedule as well and not just a specific single payment. Scheduled payments can only be cancelled before 8:30 p.m. of the scheduled day.



Should the scheduled date I give be the date the payment is actually due?

It is advisable that the scheduled date you give be at least 48 hours before the due date, since it takes the Biller a couple of days to update their records with the electronic payment received from the Bank.



What if I don't have enough money to cover a scheduled transfer?

If you do not have enough money in your account your scheduled payment will not be made. If you have selected the option for receiving an Alert for Scheduled Payment Failure, you will receive an alert for the same. It will also reflect as a failure in your payment archive. You will have to make the payment again through either NetBanking, ATM or Bank by Phone, after funding your account.



What is auto pay?

Auto pay is a standing payment instruction you can create for the Presentment type billers that you have registered for. You can set up Auto pay instruction using the Manage Biller Option under Bill Payment section in NetBanking, at the time of Adding the biller, or later, by choosing the Edit Biller details option. With auto pay you can set a maximum limit for your bill amount, below which NetBanking will automatically pay your bill.
Auto Pay feature schedules the payment for the due date as in your bill presented online. If you have selected the necessary Alerts, you will receive notification of the auto-scheduling of your electronic bill.



How do I cancel auto pay?

You can cancel or modify your auto pay setup from the "Manage Billers" option, by selecting your personal biller and choosing the Edit Details option. A single auto payment instruction will also reflect in the scheduled payment section. If you wish to cancel or modify only a single instruction and not the standing Auto pay instruction, you can do so from the Scheduled Payments option under Bill Payment section after the particular payment has been auto-scheduled, and before the due date of payment.



How do I know that my auto pay is made?

When your Auto payment instruction is carried out successfully it will reflect in your funding account statement and the Payments Archive option under Bill Payment section in NetBanking. If you have selected the necessary alerts, you will also receive a success/failure notification for the same on your email and mobile.



Can I make payments after the due date or can I pay my bills in multiple transactions?

This will depend on the biller. For a Payment Only Biller, you can pay any amount, anytime, and the payment will be adjusted against your outstanding amount by the Biller, depending on the due date.
For a Presentment Type biller, you will be able to see the relevant options in the Biller details, as well as in the presented bill when you are making payment to the respective biller. The due amount may increase for payment after due date, depending on the biller.



Is there an amount limit for paying a bill?

Yes! There is a transaction limit, as well as a daily limit for Bill payments. You can view this limit in the Limit Inquiry section of Bill Payments. The daily limit displayed here is the combined limit for bill payments and predesignated third party account transfers.



Can I pay somebody else's bill?

Yes ! You can. If you wish to pay the bill for your spouse, siblings, parents, company etc you can. All you need to do is fill in the relevant details in the payee section while adding a biller.



Will I still receive my paper bill?

Yes, you will still receive your paper bill as you did previously.



Will I be charged for using this facility?

No! There is no charge for using the facility of Bill Payment, and Alerts.

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