Curtailment of Services

Products and Services Effective Date*
Savings Account/Current Account/Term Deposit No new savings/current account(s) or term deposit(s) will be opened 31 July 2016
VGPB proposition and charge plan withdrawal 31 August 2016
Investments No investment through Online Investment mode 31 August 2016
No new WMS Account, Online Registration and new SIP/SWP/STP permissible 31 July 2016
Demat No new Demat Account opening 31 August 2016
Cheque Protect Facility (Sweeps) Withdrawal of Sweeps facility 31 August 2016
Reward Points Accrual of reward points 31 July 2016
Redemption of reward points 31 August 2016
Alternate Channels Effective Date*
Non-Branch location - RBS ATM/Drop boxes Withdrawal of ATMs and ATM drop box at offsite locations 31 May 2016
Corporate location - RBS ATM/Drop boxes Withdrawal of ATMs and drop box at corporate locations 30 June 2016
RBS Premise – RBS ATM/Drop boxes Withdrawal of ATMs and drop box at RBS premises 31 July 2016
Branch location - RBS ATM Withdrawal of ATMs at Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune and Vadodara 30 September 2016
Withdrawal of ATMs at Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi 31 December 2016
Drop Box Withdrawal of drop boxes at branch ATMs/branches/other locations 31 August 2016
NetBanking Curtailed NetBanking Services - Withdrawal of InstaBill Services, registration for Digital Signature, Bill Payments, E tax Payments, internal/third party transfers, all offers and deals. 31 August 2016
Withdrawal of NetBanking services Account closure date or 31 December 2016, whichever is earlier
Bank by Phone Change in Bank by Phone timings to 9am to 6pm (Monday - Saturday) 30 September 2016
Withdrawal of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service 31 December 2016
Withdrawal of Bank by Phone service 31 December 2017
Debit Card Withdrawal of POS (Point of Sale) purchases at retail outlets and cash withdrawal overseas 31 August 2016
Cash withdrawals across MasterCard ATMs at domestic locations Account closure date or 31 December 2016, whichever is earlier
Online retail purchases Withdrawal of E-commerce purchases through NetBanking or Debit card 31 August 2016
Mobile Banking Withdrawal of Mobile Banking 31 August 2016
Other Banking/Wealth Services Effective Date*
Doorstep Banking Services (Cheque pickup, cash delivery etc) Withdrawal of Doorstep Banking services in Mumbai 31 May 2016
Withdrawal of Doorstep Banking services in all other locations 31 August 2016
Cheque Book Requests Withdrawal of cheque book issuance Account closure date
Locker Services Withdrawal of locker services 31 July 2016
Clearing Services Deposit of Local cheques into the account 31 August 2016
Outstation/FCY cheque collection 31 July 2016
FCY Draft issuance 31 August 2016
Foreign Exchange Services FCY cash deposit/withdrawal and Travelers cheques 31 August 2016
Outward & Inward Remittances 31 August 2016

* Effective Date implies last date of service/usage within clearing/ delivery timelines as applicable

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