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eStatement at a glance


When will I receive the eStatement?

You will receive the eStatement latest by the 5 th of every month.



Through which email ID will I receive the eStatement?

You will receive the eStatement on the email ID that you have registered for eStatements with us. The statement will come to you from 'statement@rbs.com' and will contain the subject line 'Your RBS N.V. Statement - <from date> to <to date>'.



In case I find an error or need clarification in the eStatement can I reply to the email ID with my queries?

Please do not reply to the email received because it is auto-generated. If you need any clarifications or want to report errors, please call us on our Bank by Phone numbers or email us at in.service@rbs.com .



How do I know if the mail is actually from RBS N.V.?

The email is digitally signed by RBS N.V.. You can use the link at the bottom of the email, which will take you to the certifying authority, confirming the sender as RBS N.V..

To view the digital signature, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the link E-Statement_Verifier.zip
  • Download the eStatement Verifier.exe.
  • Download eStatement Attachment (i.e. ".html" file) from the mail to your hard disk.
  • Open the eStatement Verifier.exe
  • Click Browse and select the saved eStatement attachment (i.e. ".html" file)
  • Click on "Verify/Decrypt" button
  • Enter Password Screen will appear
  • Enter CRN number
  • If right CRN number is inserted, it will verify and give the details of the Signing Certificate


For your reference, the screen prints of the verification program are given below:

On clicking the eStatement verifier

Once the file is selected using the 'Browse' button, you need to select 'Verify/Decrypt'. This screen will appear:

Enter the CRN number now and the following screen will appear:

Browsers such as Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc. which have an inherent ability to recognise a digital signature throw up a pop up window like this:

When this screen appears, please select 'Cross Certify' and proceed with viewing the eStatement. This is a one-time activity; this pop-up will not appear again.



How do I change my email ID for the eStatement?

Please call our Bank by Phone numbers or write to us to change your email ID. The new email ID will be registered within 24 to 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can change your email ID by going to the 'Customise' section of NetBanking and registering your new mail ID with us online.




I am not able to open the eStatement; which PIN am I required to use for opening the eStatement?

Please enter the Customer Relationship Number (CRN) of the primary holder of the account to open the eStatement.



How can I get the eStatements for last few years?

Please provide the date range for which you need your eStatement to our Bank by Phone executives and the eStatement will reach you within 24 hours.



Is there any charge for getting a duplicate eStatement?

Currently our eStatement facility is free of charge.

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