Employee Engagement

Employees are vital part of the successful delivery of RBS’s community development objectives. The objective and impact is two fold: 1. We are committed to offering a conducive work environment. In this endeavor we have learnt that engaging employees with social causes is a favored way for an engagement that leads to both personal and professional growth. 2. In different stages of implementation, RBS Foundation India projects require the skills and talent of employees that will be useful to attain the objectives of the project. More so, volunteering on such projects would make for good learning, exposure and opportunity to create meaningful impact and lead to sincere value addition for the project’s success and the learning trajectory of an employee.

Having identified this inter-relationship and demand, RBS through RBS Foundation India has developed its flagship volunteering program - “Magic Hands At Work” (MHAW) which engages employees across all its location in India on its “Supporting Enterprise” projects by facilitating volunteering opportunities that are co-beneficial to the project community and the employee volunteers.

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