Supporting Enterprise

Supporting EnterpriseWhile India is poised for rapid economic growth it is also investing to bring in equitable growth through financial inclusion, skill development and sustainable use of its natural wealth. Business is pitching in to support the government's efforts. An analysis made as part of our community initiatives revealed that poverty is deepest amongst those communities that are directly dependent on the resources from forests and other ecosystems for their livelihoods. There is an interesting overlap between poverty and ecologically important forests landscapes. Rapid environment degradation, loss of bio diversity and loss of entitlement in turn affects the livelihoods of these communities. The Supporting Enterprise Program has thus been designed to achieve financial inclusion with a dedicated focus on women, youth and farmers in some of the most excluded regions of the country. The program builds focus on enhancing production through improved natural resource management and enabling market access. Creating financial awareness enables them to manage their thrift profitably, save to manage life cycle risks and consume for better quality of lives. A basket of livelihoods activities are developed for the household to ensure food security, regular cash flow and help mitigate the risks inherent to their livelihoods.

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