Supporting Our Communities

RBS India in line with the global objectives works towards economic inclusion for those excluded from the mainstream economy. By identifying the long term challenges that are faced by the communities, it strives to create platforms that would enable economic empowerment and facilitate social inclusion. That means thinking about our financial stability, our customers, the way we use the resources around us and the practices that we have. It's about looking inward less and outward more, and being a positive part of society.

This is also witnessed in our internal and external philosophy to help in building vibrant communities that will help drive the economy forward promote economic integration and financial inclusion and contribute to the society in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. As a provider of financial services that draws resources (human, financial) from the society to carry out its business, we believe in giving back to the society.

We recognize that equitable economic development of communities and sustainable management of natural resources is a dominant and relevant need that has to be fulfilled. Furthermore this complements the efforts in achieving the Reserve Bank of India's directive on Financial Inclusion and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of reducing poverty levels by half by 2022 by helping realize its objectives of promoting financial inclusion eradicate poverty, facilitate women empowerment, conservation of environment amongst others.

Supporting our Communities

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